About Our Auctions

Dear Punta Banda community and friends,

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we operate our daily lives, and interact with each other. We are sure many of you are tired of hearing the bad news of rampant illness and economic downturn, and coping with the social isolation that is necessary in slowing the spread of the disease. In hopes of getting the community more connected and involved, we are opening this virtual gallery and auction site as an online version of Arte y Tesoros. La Galeria has been a hub for social connection and artistic inspiration, and we hope it may continue to do so for now, in the comfort of your home.

We will be showcasing 5 items per week of various categories, and each item will be listed in an auction-style format. Proceeds from these auctions will be donated to various altruistic causes, and you can rest assured that your purchase will benefit our community. Below are the percentage breakdowns that your purchase will directly support:


  • 10% to Los Adoptables, a local non-profit dog shelter connecting loving homes with animals in need;

  • 15% to FeedPuntaBanda.org, an organization that is committed to feeding and improving the conditions of impoverished families of Cantú;

  • 10% to establishing Cantú's Parque de los Niños, a safe and beautiful upcycled playground that will be designed and built by Zonas Verdes de Punta Banda A.C. near the entrance of El Rinconcito Verde;

  • 15% will go directly toward Baja Eco Village's Forest Initiation Project, where volunteers will plant and maintain a wide variety of tree species to diversify Baja's habitat and combat global environmental destruction.  

Each item will have a starting minimum bid that is priced well below market or appraisal value, to stimulate community involvement in the auctions. Every Sunday, auctions will close at 3:00pm, and a winner will be announced for each item (unless buyer specifies to remain anonymous). A new set of items will be relisted in the afternoon of the following Monday.

As this is a new venture, there might be some some kinks to work out, so we appreciate your understanding. Thank you for your valued interest and support for Arte y Tesoros, and for the other community organizations benefitting from these auctions.

M. Lurie

Curator / Artist

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