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African Shadowbox Mask Collection

This rich collection of masks is exquisitly finished, and is hand carved, stained, oiled and painted, from a tropical hardwood, most likely from the Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire). The revered Elephant stands majestic, front and center in size and location, in this well balanced assembly of masks, illustrating its highly respected relative importance. 

This is not an everyday piece of art, possibly made for a higher market, or particular collector. We think it may be from the Guru people who use these reddish pigments in their art. We also surmise, that maybe some of the different Bandama River tribes may be represented by these face masks. They also show a common thread with the art of the Baule tribe of the same region. The other animal represented is a Warthog, common in this part of Africa. 

We have provided close ups of the smaller masks so that one can appreciate the attention to detail.  They display beautifully in this mint condition shadowbox.  The piece has recently undergone an extensive restoration and has almost no signs of wear.

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"Life is Now"  Toby Lurie 1985-2014

Multi-media Synesthesia collage, 48"×48" on framed canvas. 

 As with many of Toby Luries' paintings, and writings; if he outgrew them he was known to tear them up and save the parts he liked. He did this throughout his 70+ year career, and then would reassemble them in the style that he happened to be working on at the time. Sometimes these were assembled into three dimensional sculptures with pieces of wood with old paintings glued to them. I particularly like this one because this phrase was one of his favorites in life and he was one who knew how to live life in the moment!  Toby, who died peacefully in July of 2018, at the age of 93, still working daily, was a true Renaissance artist, embodying Poet/Composer/Musician and Painter in one. This one of many favorite sayings, came from a poem recaptured in this artfully reconstructed collage, containing compositions from as far back as the 60's; and is pretty powerful spiritually, especially coming from a confirmed atheist! 


Replacement value: $2,400
The artist himself placed a value on his paintings of which he sold hundreds of over the years: most recently @ $150 per square foot.  The opening bid price is approximately half of this.

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Free-form Treesculpt Ring

Based on the thematic tree design of Mark Lurie;  he and Ensenada jeweler Jose Ruiz Velasco, have fashioned this dazzling asymmetrical tree flowing silver and gold ring.  The main gemstone is an Emerald, which is cut in a classic princess cut shape, and is accented with a small high quality round diamond.

The 3+ carat Emerald is a genuine Emerald but has been treated, most likely by heating, dying and oiling to enhance its darker green color. This is because pale green emeralds do not begin to compare with the value of fine naturally darker clear green emeralds which would be valued in the thousands of dollars instead of in the hundreds, and this one also clearly shows its' inclusions. 

The small diamond is +- .10 ct, SI2, G-H, full of mighty bling for its size!

We also added a swirl of 14k gold to accent the sterling silver. 

The ring size is now a 10 , and can be worn by men or women. Resizing is only $20 but may take up to two weeks longer to ship.

Replacement/Appraisal value: $400+

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Equestrian Painting

Although this oil painting captures fluid movement as the jumper and horse roll as one over the cross rails; in fact, it is like a moment frozen in time captured by a colorful impressionistic style which makes this painting so delightfully dynamic. 

Measurements including well-made two-tone frame: 29" W x 29" H

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African Bust Stone Sculpture

...This stone sculpture is stylized,  coming we think from Zimbabwe and the Shona Tribe, known worldwide for their modern and creative stone carving. This piece is no exception,  and embodies thoughtful silence.

Our curator, also a stone carver who has worked with east African Artists, further to the north,   believes the stone to be "Opal Stone" a milky green serpentine stone, easy to carve, yet hard enough to bring to a high polish. (About a 5.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness) The blackish spot on the balding subjects' chest is not a stain, but a naturally occurring dark vein in the stone. ...

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