Ceramic Art


Asian Guardian Foo Dog

This hand painted ceramic "Foo Dog/Guardian Lion" stands guard over an ornate floral orb. It originates from Asia, most likely China or Japan, and traditionally protects the home from
intruders. This elegantly crafted piece is approximately 50 years old, and is substantially sized without visible chips, cracks, or restorations, and measures 10" in height, 11" in width, and 8" in depth.


African Mask in Shadowbox

The hand painted African shadow box itself is a treasure, which protects and displays the featured clay mask in its best light. The woman may be a medicine woman or of high esteem in the tribe. It most likely originates from the Ivory Coast. Dimensions: Height 15.5"; Width: 12"; Depth 2.5".



Ceramic Chinese Buddha

This joyful Chinese Buddha with children is in pristine condition with no visible chips or scratches. The clean details in this piece are witnessed in the glazing and fine last century workmanship. Even the teeth in the slightly open mouth are finely detailed.
Dimensions (inches):
H 10.5”
W 9.5”
D 8.5”


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