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How do the Auctions work?

The auctions are not updated in real time, so if you are particularly interested in an item, bid early, or bid based on what you would be willing to pay for the items.

How do I see what the current bid is for each item?

Current Bids can be seen on the Bid submissions sub-menu of the Auctions tab.

How much is the shipping cost if I do not live in Baja, where the Lurie Galleries are located?

We are not in business to make money on shipping your item, so the charge of shipping will vary by location, and we can estimate your individual cost during the bid process, based on your location.

Do you take custom orders on jewelry, or if I am out bid, can I get another similar piece of jewelry made? Can I get a fixed price?

Depending on the type of jewelry. If it is one of our custom pieces and we have more of the same gems, then yes we may be able to make a similar piece, and yes, at a fixed price.

How can I be sure that the percentages you post are actually given to the nonprofit groups you mention?

We would be happy to give you the direct connection numbers to these nonprofit groups who are thrilled to be getting a percentage for their cause.

Where do these pieces of art and jewelry come from?

Our art and jewelry comes from around the world, (we research its origins when possible) and we find it in all of the places one would look for treasures; being estate sales, auctions, even thrift stores, and we also make trades with other collectors for pieces that we highly value. Much of our jewelry we rework from old pieces and use gems we have collected over the years to design new presentations.

What methods of payment do you accept

We accept Paypal, or if you are in the Punta Banda area, we accept exchanges in person.

How will you ship your items?

The shipping methods and costs are dependent on the item. If you are curious about a specific item, please submit an inquiry below.

Can I make a suggestion for the auctions about the kind of art that is auctioned?

Sure, let us know what it is you'd like to see offered.

Can I register with you the art or type of treasure I am looking for?

Yes, we are actually starting a service soon to look for pieces that you as our customers are searching for, so please let us know what you like to collect.

My question wasn't answered here. How may I contact you?

You can send your inquiry via the form below:

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