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Many of the items that you will find here are designed by Mark Lurie himself, and are marketed under his through his company Treesculpt Gems and Jewelry. 

You can purchase these rings through the Etsy store, found here.


Free-form Treesculpt Ring

Based on the thematic tree design of Mark Lurie;  he and Ensenada jeweler Jose Ruiz Velasco, have fashioned this dazzling asymmetrical tree flowing silver and gold ring.  The main gemstone is an Emerald, which is cut in a classic princess cut shape, and is accented with a small high quality round diamond.

The 3+ carat Emerald is a genuine Emerald but has been treated, most likely by heating, dying and oiling to enhance its darker green color. This is because pale green emeralds do not begin to compare with the value of fine naturally darker clear green emeralds which would be valued in the thousands of dollars instead of in the hundreds, and this one also clearly shows its' inclusions. 

The small diamond is +- .10 ct, SI2, G-H, full of mighty bling for its size!

We also added a swirl of 14k gold to accent the sterling silver. 

The ring size is now a 10 , and can be worn by men or women. Resizing is only $20 but may take up to two weeks longer to ship.

Replacement/Appraisal value: $400+


Turqoise and Diamond Ring

Turquoise is the calming gem of wisdom, creativity, and serenity. Diamonds are a symbol of fidelity, wealth and riches, and strength. Custom designed by M. Lurie, and handcrafted by Jose Ruiz Velasco in Ensenada. This one-of-a-kind ring features 9.25 sterling silver, a beautiful raw Mexican Turquoise cabachon from Baja (15×18 mm) along with an accompanying .10 carat round genuine diamond (SI-1 G-H).
Size: US 7.5



Freeform Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring

This flowing freeform ring is an original M. Lurie design in Sterling Silver, fashioned by Ensenada jeweler Jose. It is created by the lost wax method and post casting is worked to a fine polished finish.
The Main Gemstone is a 1.5 carat genuine Yellow  Sapphire emerald cut, complemented by a fine small diamond (.10 carat VS1 G-H), set in 9.25 Sterling Silver. 
Sapphire is a precious Corundum based gemstone; thought to symbolize wisdom, virtue, and good fortune - and to bring faithfulness and sincerity to the wearer. 
9.25 Sterling Silver
Replacement value/Appraisal :$875
Ring Size: 8
Resizing: $20 plus two week remastery



Golden Emerald Starfish

We do not know the exact origins of this beautifully hand crafted Golden Emerald Starfish, but a good guess would be Spain. It contains over 26 grams (just short of an ounce) of 20 carat gold, most likely rose gold. It also cradles 21 exquisite genuine emeralds the center one being about 4 carats (8×10mm), with the next five being over a carat each. It is simply a rare one of a kind treasure, and is truly a unique piece.
Dimensions: 3 inches
Appraisal, equals replacement value $5,000+



Tanzanite Golden Necklace and Earrings

This stunning necklace and earring set is not for everyday wear. It eminates more of a celebratory atmosphere; sparklingly beautiful, exquisitely designed and crafted, as graceful as the wearer is.
Tanzanite was discovered by Maasai cattle herders at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, as recently as 1967.  The powerful events that created these special stones were bolts of lightning hitting the ground and changing the chemistry of the plain brown stone to purple blue gems, surely a moving discovery for those cattle herders. They told their story to a local treasure hunter, who then set up mining operations and the gemstone soon became quite the rage around the world.  It is still only mined within a 4 km (2.5 mile) radius from the original discovery, with apparently most of the more valuable larger gem quality stones, now quite rare finds. 
Tanzanite, a Zoisite mineral, purportedly carries special benefits to the wearer of "heightened spiritual growth",  along with improved intuition and perception,  and is also known for its qualities of calming and soothing others.
The main necklace includes a ~1/2 carat blue purple oval Tanzanite nestled in a golden setting surrounded by 14 tiny diamonds,  and includes eight .03 baguette diamonds in the outer rings of gold. It weights ~3 grams of 14k solid gold including the chain. 
The earrings are also quite beautiful and each features a ~1/3 ct. pear shaped main Tanzanite; plus seven .03 round diamonds and weigh ~1 gram of 14k solid gold.
Appraisal/Replacement value (retail may be higher) $1,800



Larimar Twin Teardrop Rings

Larimar is only found in the Dominican Republic, and is a rare pectolite gemstone only discovered as recently as the 1970's. It is reminiscent of a clear blue sky with scattered clouds, or conjures up the Caribbean Sea, from where it derives the "mar" part of its name. Larimar is said to radiate healing energy, providing peace and clarity to the wearer. We offer these earthy, asymmetrical sterling silver Larimar teardrop gemstones and diamond rings as a set, or separately. The diamonds were repurposed from an opulent last century cocktail ring and are very clear and white (+-.16 ct. each VS2-G-H).
Treesculpted design by m.lurie 

$304 ea.

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