Paintings and Drawings


Equestrian Painting

Although this oil painting captures fluid movement as the jumper and horse roll as one over the cross rails; in fact, it is like a moment frozen in time captured by a colorful impressionistic style which makes this painting so delightfully dynamic. 

Measurements including well-made two-tone frame: 29" W x 29" H


Wine Country

The vivacious colors in this wine country painting in
acrylic or oils, portrays a feeling of a peace and timelessness in the countryside of Italy or France, or perhaps even of our beloved local Ruta de
Vino in Valle de Guadalupe. Signed but not dated, this piece measures 22" in height, and 28" in width.



"Life is Now"  Toby Lurie 1985-2014

Multi-media Synesthesia collage, 48"×48" on framed canvas. 

 As with many of Toby Luries' paintings, and writings; if he outgrew them he was known to tear them up and save the parts he liked. He did this throughout his 70+ year career, and then would reassemble them in the style that he happened to be working on at the time. Sometimes these were assembled into three dimensional sculptures with pieces of wood with old paintings glued to them. I particularly like this one because this phrase was one of his favorites in life and he was one who knew how to live life in the moment!  Toby, who died peacefully in July of 2018, at the age of 93, still working daily, was a true Renaissance artist, embodying Poet/Composer/Musician and Painter in one. This one of many favorite sayings, came from a poem recaptured in this artfully reconstructed collage, containing compositions from as far back as the 60's; and is pretty powerful spiritually, especially coming from a confirmed atheist! 


Replacement value: $2,400
The artist himself placed a value on his paintings of which he sold hundreds of over the years: most recently @ $150 per square foot.  The opening bid price is approximately half of this.


Roberts Oil Paintings

These original oil paintings, by Roberts, painted in 2010, are small expressive portraits, each with its own pensive mood. The painting of the young girl measures 12"x9", and the painting of the aging dark-skinned man measures 6"×12". 

$65 each


Rendition of Michelangelo's "The Delphic Sibyl"

This small oil painting is an original, acquired from the artist Mary Dumer, from Ojai California, an art teacher. This painting is signed and dated 1982, and named "After Michelangelo".  We were fortunate to purchase several of her paintings and nature drawings, and some very amazing still lifes, most still unframed.
If this painting is familiar to you, it is because it is "copy" of a section of the frescoed ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, one of the true wonders of the art world!  This section beautifully depicts Michelangelo's "The Delphic Sibyl" (1509). 
M.Dumer's interpretation is minus a few angels, but a beautiful rendition in its own right.
It measures 13"×15" tall in the frame.



Tree in the Fall

The peaceful nature of this impressionistic painting with its bright fall colors, conjures up a feeling of belonging in the viewer. For who among us doesn't dream of a remote cabin by a high mountain lake surrounded by meadows?
Dimensions (inches):
H 21.25”
W 25.5”

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