Wood Carvings


African Shadowbox Mask Collection

This rich collection of masks is exquisitly finished, and is hand carved, stained, oiled and painted, from a tropical hardwood, most likely from the Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire). The revered Elephant stands majestic, front and center in size and location, in this well balanced assembly of masks, illustrating its highly respected relative importance. 

This is not an everyday piece of art, possibly made for a higher market, or particular collector. We think it may be from the Guru people who use these reddish pigments in their art. We also surmise, that maybe some of the different Bandama River tribes may be represented by these face masks. They also show a common thread with the art of the Baule tribe of the same region. The other animal represented is a Warthog, common in this part of Africa. 

We have provided close ups of the smaller masks so that one can appreciate the attention to detail.  They display beautifully in this mint condition shadowbox.  The piece has recently undergone an extensive restoration and has almost no signs of wear.


Crown of Wires

This beautiful, finely detailed ironwood carving portrays half of a man's face, and has a crown of metal barbed wire. It is truly an exceptional work of art, patiently sanded and oiled to enhance the wood grain of this brilliantly crafted sculpture. The man sits on a solid wood square 4.75"x4.75" base, and the sculpture stands 16" tall.



Large Mother of Pearl Mask

This large black mask measures 38" tall x 8" wide, and is finely crafted, with the inlay finely placed flush into the tropical hardwood which is finished in a rich dark hue. The origins are most likely the island of Lombock, Indonesia, known for their fine woodworking craftsmanship.



Balinese Relief Woodcarving

Mark obtained this amazingly sculpted Teak woodcarving directly from the artist Dewa Merta, in Ubud, Bali in 2017. The two remain in touch, and continue to collaborate. The Indonesians are the master carvers of Asia in both wood and stone, and Mark studied these disciplines there when he was 23 years old.  What stands out about this base relief carving is the 3D nature of its execution, allowing for a depth of field which makes it seem impressively realistic. Immerse yourself into the lush jungle of this fine craftsmanship.
Dimensions (inches):
H 14.75
W 7.5
D 3



Set: Hand Carved Buddah Masks

Because of the similarity in these 2 masks we offer them individually or as a set. They are most likely Balinese, and are both finely carved out of a tropical hardwood,  and hand painted,  set up as wall hangings, with the smaller one also with a table base. The peace and serenity of these masks has a calming effect on the viewer.
The large Buddah Mask measures 24" high, 12" wide, 7" deep.
The smaller Mask measures16" high, 7-1/2" wide, 3-1/2" deep.

sm. $60 / l. $125


African Woman Wood Sculpture

With an intense look of pride this African woman sculpture represents for us the enduring strength and wisdom of women of color worldwide. It is mostly likely east African, from Tanzania or Kenya, possibly Samburu tribe, based on hair and wide decorative necklace. With its flat back it fits comfortably almost anywhere, creating a mood of unspoken respectful tolerance. The wood is a heavy hardwood, stained and oiled to emphasize women's beautiful bravery.
Dimensions (inches):
H 12" tall
W 7-1/2"
D 3"



Indonesian Buddha Carving

This serene Indonesian Buddah, with the hint of a peaceful smile, is artfully carved out of a solid piece of tropical hardwood,  most likely Teak. This is a precious piece from Mark's personal collection as it reminds him of his time in Indonesia studying under a master carver in 1975. Mark originally had no intention of selling it, but with the world the way it is right now, this piece seemed like a good offering. It is good for the soul to give up things that we cherish; maybe that is what this Buddha is meditating upon. Just living with it briefly has been a relaxing joyful experience for Mark, and it could be for you too.
Dimensions (inches):
H 16"
W 13"
D 7"


African Chupacabra

This whimsical wood sculpture is most definitely African, and most likely from our research it is carved in the Makonde Shetani style from Tanzania. They are carved from local Blackwood, or Mpingo. Usually these types of carvings depict Spirit Figures. We found it in a consignment store in the US and brought it to our gallery in Mexico, and have fondly named it our "African Cupacabra"; intentionally mixing these divergent cultures. With its wildly disfigured body and its crazily energetic pose, it just makes one smile.
Dimensions (Inches):
H 18.75”
W 5.5”
D 3”



Southeast Asian Carved Panel

The shared peaceful dance between the two figures is a symbol of balance in movement, like the beautiful interchange between that which is ever static and that which is dynamic. The carving craftsmanship itself is also balanced as a piece of art with its cabling effect on the infinity frame.
Probably Laotian or Cambodian, without the refined detailing of Indonesian carvers, though the carving is very "honest" fully displaying the carvers chiseled intentions. One is drawn to touch the oiled tropical wood,  and the multi-faceted surfaces: the wood is similar to Mahogany.
11" wide x 39 1/4" tall x 1" thick.



Indonesian wood carved statue

This finely detailed teak statue is a good example of Asian carving. It has been finely restored with care by our curator and in house carver M.Lurie and now has returned to its former intricate and detailed beauty.
It measures 13" tall and is 5" at the base



Bust of African Man

We all loved this powerful sculpture the first time we saw it, and obtained it in an exchange with another collector of African Art. Though only 9" tall,  it is expressive,  and conveys the angst of the times effortlessly. A beautiful face carved in Africa, through its unspoken empathy, radiates a certain soothing and healing effect.
Restored in house by M. Lurie.
Dimensions (inches):
H 8.5”
W 4”
D 4.5”


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